Red Earth has consultant experts in different fields of science, interested in the potential of the story and originality of the script.

Currently, RED EARTH directed by Carlos Violadé and produced by LABALANZA, is in the pre-production phase. It already has both a prestigious technical crew with Goya awards, and a team of recognized experts in various fields of science; all interested in the story’s potential, its capacity to spread popular science, and the originality of the script.

A number of well known experts have joined the project: Psychologist Gabriel González de la Torre -collaborator with the ESA (European Space Agency), Felipe Gómez, –expert on biodiversity in extreme environments, is currently working on projects that use the information collected by the CURIOSITY Rover (NASA) from the surface of Mars- and Keith M. Wright -space systems engineer with a remarkable participation in the NASA Apollo program. For the medical advice we have Lola Posadillo, with more than 40 years working in Spanish private medical sector.